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Using the prefix Aurorapetz, we,
Mike and Gill Godfrey, are both full time,
home based, NZCF Registered Ragdoll
kitten and cat breeders in New Zealand.

We have a small 3/4 acre life style block
located in Te Puna, in the foothills of the
beautiful Western Bay of Plenty,
New Zealand.

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Mike and Gill
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Our established garden and home provides an idyllic haven, which is shared by our animals and birds,
namely, our pet Ragdoll cats, Carly, Livi, Finn and Valu,
our pedigree, ex-breeding dogs and now our pet Cavalier King Charles Spaniels,
Flame, Flaire, Ember and Glow, and our loved Ragdoll breeding cats.

To complete our menagerie and add a splash of colour, we also have 20 birds,

mainly parakeets including several unusual colour mutations.


Entranceway to Property
Pool area
View of the house


Dr. Mike is a biologist and comes from an extensive background working with animals, specialising in wildlife
biology and ecology. He has had his own international wildlife consulting business and pest management
services business in the USA before returning to live in New Zealand. He has a particular interest in genetics.

Gill was a farm girl who grew up surrounded by animals and many pets. She has a background
in teaching and tutoring as well as social work and business ownership and management.

Our decision to work full time together at home and breed these Ragdoll kittens and cats
and exotic birds was purely based on our love for them. Mike has had birds since
he was a youngster so it fulfilled a dream of his to be able to have birds again.




Both the character and personality of the Ragdoll kittens and cats means they are always a delight
to spend time with and it is a blessing to share the household and property with them and to
watch their interactions with the Cavaliers because both the Ragdoll kittens and cats and
the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels consider the others are part of their extended family.


Cat enclosure
Cat enclosure
Cat enclosure

Left: VALU - Our newest addition
is a Seal Bi-Colour male
who is 10 months old
and has a kidney problem.




Bi-Colour female who is 3 years old
was born with Atresia ani which is
now managed reasonably effectively.

FINN - A Seal Bi-Colour
male who is 2 years old,
has a kidney problem so he has
a shortened life expectancy.

CARLY - A Bluepoint female
who is 3 years old,
has Keratitis which is
managed effectively.





We are pleased to report that we have now successfully sent many animals overseas from Rabies free New Zealand.
We are MPI Approved, Registered Pet Exporters so we can personally look after and oversee all of the official
requirements for travel from New Zealand to any overseas destination. We take great care in ensuring that our
animals' transportation is as safe and stress free as possible and our costs are very reasonable.

We have received very encouraging comments from their new owners about the quality of our animals

and the condition they have been in upon arrival. They have also been amazed at how quickly they have
settled into their new homes.

We have sent our animals to  The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, U.K. (England), France,

The United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi), Italy, Taiwan, The United States of America, including Hawaii, 
Singapore, Malaysia, Republic of China, Tahiti, Australia and New Caledonia.


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